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No on-premise server, no maintenance. Just sign in.
Use any email application you choose, or our simple webmail client.

Email Hosting Solutions

Private & Secure

We offer two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of security. Your messages are stored securely on our server with no advertising.

We also provide powerful anti-spam protection for your inbox, so you can avoid sifting through pages of trash.

Web & Mobile Support

All of our plans offer a webmail client, along with IMAP and POP3 services. This means that you'll be able to access your messages wherever.

Our basic plan allows for mobile sync, but doesn't provide a push service - all this means is that incoming message delivery may be delayed for 10-15 minutes.

Mailbox Rules

Our webmail client allows you to set up custom mail handling rules for your account, like automatically moving messages based on sender.

We also allow you to set up "catch-all" addresses that let you route multiple addresses to the same place. (e.g.,, etc.)

Available Email Packages

Basic / Starter


(billed yearly)
  • 1 Mailbox Included
  • 5 GB per Mailbox
  • +$1.00 for addl. boxes
  • Fetch Mobile Support

Professional / Intermediate


(billed yearly)
  • 3 Mailboxes Included
  • 10 GB per Mailbox
  • +$2.00 for addl. boxes
  • Push Mobile Support

Enterprise / Ultimate


(billed yearly)
  • 5 Mailboxes Included
  • 15 GB per Mailbox
  • +$3.00 for addl. boxes
  • Push Mobile Support

Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online Plans

These plans utilize Microsoft 365. We can help you set up your business' tenant.
All future payments and invoices will be handled with Microsoft directly.

Exchange Online (Plan 1)


  • 50 GB per Mailbox
  • Offline Archiving
  • Free Webmail Access
  • Push Mobile Support

Exchange Online (Plan 2)


  • 100 GB per Mailbox
  • Unlimited Online Archiving
  • Free Webmail Access
  • Push Mobile Support

Push vs. Fetch Service

Essentially, the "fetch" service relies on your computer or phone asking the server for any new emails. This has the side effect of potentially delaying email delivery for between 5-10 minutes. If this isn't a big deal to you, you can save some money by using this service, which takes less server power to run.

The "push" service has additional functionality on the email server which "pushes" the new messages to your device as soon as they arrive. This results in speedier deliveries of messages. If time is of the essence, we suggest picking a service with the push service enabled.

Being able to talk with your customers is pretty important.

Having your own site's address at the end of your email address boosts your credibility.

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