Secure, Speedy, and Reliable.

Each of our customers has their own hosting environment that is kept up to date and secure.
We use solid state disks and the latest equipment, which means quick loading times and higher capacity.

Managed Hosting Solutions

Routine Offsite Backups

We keep weekly backups of your entire machine, and nightly backups of your data in multiple geographical locations.

In the event of data loss, you can rest assured that we can get you back up and running in minutes - not days.

Secure & Isolated

We run routine audits on our clients' websites and lock down permissions on our machines to cut down on intrustions.

Some other hosting providers like to intermingle their customers' data, resulting in a domino-effect if the worst happens.

Reliable & Resilient

We utilize modern cloud hosting solutions that allow for site movement based on network outages or cyberattacks.

If hosting at one of our provider's locations goes down, we can move your machine in a matter of minutes.

Available Hosting Packages

Our rate for support & initial site design is $50/hr. Depending on the amount of work your site requires, this price may vary.
Discounted services are available for not-for-profit businesses in our area. See below for details, or reach out for more information.









(price is negotiable based on needs)
  • 4 hours of FREE support
  • Nightly & Weekly Backups
  • SQL Database Hosting
  • Dynamic Pages & Advanced Applications
  • Enterprise Security Package
  • Website Usage Analytics
  • * Other Services as Negotiated

Discounted Services Available

We're happy to offer discounted services for local not-for-profit businesses in order to help get their message out.
Feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your financial needs and see if we're a match!

Other Services as Negotiated

Need some server hosting for an in-house application you're running? Depending on your needs, we can offer virtual and dedicated server resources for your small to medium business. Feel free to reach out with your hardware desires - we'd be happy to spec you out a machine and handle the hosting for you.

Wordpress Migration / Hosting Available

(we offer this under the intermediate package)

If you're looking to migrate your existing Wordpress site onto our hosting & support service, we'd be happy to help! We can take over your hosting and domain registration and spruce up your existing site. We'll keep your plugins and themes up to date and run security audits & scans to keep your site secure. We're happy to provide ongoing design & modifications to your site to keep it fresh, too!

Pretty designs won't mean much if your site is down.

Reliable hosting is just as important as having a functional and appealing website.

Let's get connected!